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  • Katie Lange

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

Whether you just purchased a new home or are thinking of making changes to your current house, the kitchen is a great place to start. An upgraded kitchen makes the entire home feel new – and a good remodel can dramatically improve your daily life! Is it time for you to remodel? Let’s find out

Improve Your Layout:

If you find that you are bumping into your partner while cooking, or you have to walk to the other end of the kitchen to put away a plate, or there’s just not enough counter-top space to prepare a dish – you could use a layout change. Moving or removing walls, changing the location of appliances and sinks, or adding additional cabinetry can all be done to improve your daily life in the kitchen.

Before and After - Notice how this space was transformed! The kitchen was opened up on one side to allow for a lazy "L" Shaped peninsula. The range was moved to create more functional countertop space.


Upgraded Functionality:

Not up for a full kitchen remodel? If you can’t change the position of walls or appliances, there are many modern upgrades that can improve the functionality of your space. Replacing old cabinets with deep drawers, pullout trash bins, spice drawers, tray dividers, and corner Lazy-Susan cabinets can make a big impact in your life. With thoughtful placement of compartmentalized storage, you can say “goodbye” to losing items in the dark corners of your kitchen. Can’t replace cabinets? Try upgrading to modern energy-saving appliances.

Popular Cabinet Accessories - Tray Dividers, Lazy-Susan Shelves, Double Pullout Trash, Cutlery Divider


Better Style:

Maybe your current kitchen feels like a cave with dark walls, cabinets, and counter-tops – or used to be bright white but is now yellowed with time and scuffed with battle wounds – or maybe it hearkens back to the time when pink was the current trendy color. Remodeling allows you to make your kitchen fit the rest of your house and your decor. Even simple changes like replacing your cabinet hardware can help make a house feel like a home.

From Pink-on-Pink, to White Grey & Metal, this kitchen really transformed - visually and functionally.


Feel like you’re ready to change your space? I recommend taking inventory of your current kitchen. Spend some time studying what you have now, then write down your thoughts. What do you like and dislike about your current space? What are you willing to change in order to improve it? And how can you make your home fit into your lifestyle and personality. Then head on over to your favorite re-modeler to get started!

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1 Comment

Apr 02, 2022

I felt my kitchen like cave earlier but after home remodeling and changing the cabinet hardware has helped making my house feel like a home.

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