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We represent manufacturers of high quality cabinetry, all of which are made in America. With a wide range of door styles, construction methods, finishes, and price ranges, we are sure to have products that work for your family. Our specialty is in designing factory custom cabinetry - built to order and made to fit any requirements you desire; whether it be wood type, color, style, or function. We also carry semi-custom and stock cabinet lines for projects with a fixed budget.

Plato Woodwork  

Since 1893 Plato Woodwork has earned its reputation as one of America's preeminent fine custom cabinetry manufacturers. In a world where details make the masterpiece, Plato has proved to be the master of detail for every room in your home. You can specify virtually any wood specie and desired finish. It means cabinets built to consistently high standards in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant by dedicated craftsmen, using the finest materials, and finished under environmentally controlled conditions. To visit Plato's website, click here.

Centra - By Mouser Cabinetry 

Centra Cabinetry is designed and built with the same quality and precision usually reserved for the finest custom cabinetry. An extensive selection of styles, convenience accessories, and finishes create the most attractive and appealing product platform available in semi-custom cabinetry.  Quality assured methods of hand selecting materials, constructing cabinets and applying the multi-step finish ensure an exceptional value unmatched by the competition. To Visit Centra's Website, click here.

Marsh Furniture Company

Marsh Furniture has been family owned and operated since 1906. Originally building decorative furniture and Hoosier cabinets.   After the depression, Marsh pioneered the next idea in kitchen cabinetry and developed pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets with separate wall and base units. Since the mid-century, Marsh has developed and expanded their offerings to continue to provide customers with quality cabinets featuring popular materials, styles, finishes and accessories. Marsh build Stock cabinets build in 3" increments, with fixed options for door styles and color. This streamlined way of approaching cabinets creates fast lead time, and a lower cost - appropriate for projects on a budget.  To Visit Marsh's Website, click here.

Outdoor Cabinetry:


NatureKast outdoor cabinetry are built using Resin Doors poured into Cypress Door molds for a very natural and warm appearance. The interiors are built using durable 3/4" thick solid PVC. The closed cell resin allows the doors to resemble natural wood impeccably. NatureKast are 100% weatherproof, and they offer a limited lifetime warranty. To Visit NatureKast's Website, click here.

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